White Shamans and Plastic Medicine Men is a documentary dealing with the popularization and commercialization of Native American spiritual traditions by Non-Indians. Important questions are asked of those seeking to exploit ritual and sacred ceremony and of those vested with safeguarding sacred ways. This documentary is thematically organized, and deals with romantic stereotypes and copying, the impatience of new age practitioners contrasted to the fact that indigenous spiritual traditions are thousands of years old, and the proselytizing nature of these new age practitioners. The film represents a wide range of voices from several native communities, and speaks to issues of cultural appropriation with humor, righteous anger, and thoughtful insight.

i want to watch this now but i need to watch it with the partner, so i have to wait.

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whip-smart fat femme female-bodied trans/gender/queer-identified white low-income crafty nonmonogs queer dis/abled advocate in bellyham. who lusts after community, can't handle the world, and loves green dinosaurs. you know - pretty average for tumblr.

i am willing to educate around identity stuff. that's just me - don't assume people want your questions, no matter how respectful. be a good ally: educate yourself. don't talk about being an ally, just be one.

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